Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

"Fabulous Light"

I took this picture at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, (hence the name "'Fabulous' Light"). My aunt and uncle got me a ticket to see Wicked for my birthday so I went with them, my cousin and her boyfriend and my other cousin, Wyndi, who is my age. It was a blast! During intermission, Wyndi and I went down to the bathroom. For all y'all who have been to the Fox, you know how incredible it is. As usual the line was long so Wyndi and I had some time to fool around. I love this picture of the light sconce on the wall. It turned out cool with the redish and blueish colors and the light and dark. I love the Fox Theatre because of how when you go into it, you can really feel like your in an Arabian Palace. It's one of my many dreams to perform there. I love the ambiance of it all. Very cool, very cool. This second picture... well, I'll let it speak for itself.

"Telephone Tourist"

This is my cousin, Wyndi. There's an old telephone booth down in the lounge outside the bathroom. We found it very cool. Wyndi lives in the middle of nowhere so she had her camera out all night for the sites of downtown Atlanta, my hometown. The phone booth was held a great deal of excitement. And, even as a native and a frequent visitor of the Fox Theatre, I must admit, I still get awestruck at the magnificence of this place.

Have a Relaxing Sunday!
~The Fake Professional