Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow, The Sun Sets Here, Too!

What I'm listening to: Here Without You, by 3 Doors Down

I admit that I was not thrilled about the spur-of-the-moment trip I took with my family last weekend. 9 hours up to Indiana to camp with a bunch of people I don't know for 3 days didn't sound like fun to me. It's not that I mind driving, I like long drives actually. And I don't really mind camping either especially when there are woods to be explored and s'mores to eat. But in this case, there were no woods to explore and no one to play catch with. There was an awesome tree that I climbed and spent a few hours reading up in its branches. Yes, this trip was filled with lots of reading. 6 books in 4 days, a personal record. But the most beautiful part of the trip was the drive. We came up through the Tennessee River Valley (that would be a beautiful place to camp!) and proceeded to drive past spacious land that was more often then not bordered by a white fence. There were lots of horses to look at, to my delight. I love horses. I miss riding. The falling off part I don't miss so much, but I figure maybe I've fallen off enough to fill my quota. Anyway, the landscape gave me some new dreams to ponder and a couple new story plots to work out. None of that however has anything to do with the pictures in this post.

Ok, so who knew that Indiana could offer one of the most beautiful sunsets ever? I certainly didn't. I'd never been to Indiana before. Dad and I drove about 15 miles from our campsite to find a grocery store. Once again, God surprised me with His beauty by showing me that even a hicktown somewhere in Indiana to which I had been reluctantly dragged, was capable of putting on a show. Amid all the bugs, bordum and uncomfortable sleeping ground, here's the beauty.

"Down the Road A Ways"


"Around the Hedge"

"A Sunset In My Mailbox"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the Award Goes To...

What I'm Listening To: Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down

"Huggable Soldier"

Meet Sean. Soldier Defender Warrior Handsome Gallant Strong Fearless Ready Gentle Affable Funny Caring. All of these words I would use to describe my Christ-Brother.
Sean is headed to the Military Academy this summer and will be joining the Army in a few years. He is our soldier. Sean isn't violent necessarily, but the aura of safety and protection that he carries is what makes him, (to me, at least), a true soldier. Sean is not afraid of our tears. He doesn't mind when we break down. He takes the time to talk to us when something's wrong. He'll listen and he'll give subtle advise but he never presses for details. And one of the things that I think is most important, Sean knows that sometimes the solution to a problem is just a hug.
Sean, I will miss you terribly but I am so proud of you. We've decided that you win the best big brother award. Be strong. We'll be waiting!
1 John 2:14b "I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one."