Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey, Hey Ballerina

I'm Listening to "Marvelous Light" by Charlie Hall.
"Resting in Goodness"

I took these pictures of Catherine at Breakaway, our youth retreat. It was just one of those times when I had my camera and she was wearing the right thing and we walked past the right place. Strange how that happens.

Catherine, I always think of you when I hear "Marvelous Light". I love the way you use your voice to praise the Lord. Don't waste that talent that He has given you 'cus I know when I hear you sing, I wanna sing too. Let me challenge you to live this song. Embrace His goodness. Let Him be your all-sustaining power. Let Him be your light. Lift your hands and spin around, Catherine. Praise God with your all. You know these words to be true. You know it in your head. I'm challenging you to know it in your heart. When you know it, you won't wanna stop spinning around and praising Him. He is so good. God is good through all circumstances, remember that. He is your satisfaction, your all. Trust Him, Love Him. He won't let you down. He promises.
Remember that in Psalm 57, God promises to send His faithfulness. That means that when things suck, ('cus they will), when it's definately not going your way, God is still faithful. His plans are better and He won't ever cheat you and He won't leave you. He is always faithful.

I love you.


"Ballerina 2"