Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Lazy Friday Afternoon

"Sun in the Sidelines"

Meet Ruthie, my third Christ-Sister. She came over on Friday and we hung out on the trampoline and took some pictures. I loved the way the sun was coming over the house next door and hit her hair and face. While taking these pictures, the thought "When did my baby grow up???" passed through my head. Ruthie has always prized her tee-shirts and shorts over any other item in her closet and would definitely prefer running around outside then shopping the mall. I am incredibly proud of the way she has taken charge of her new world at a new, much bigger school. I have watched her positively explode into a gorgeous, talented, graceful - (yes, graceful! As in, not as clumsy!) - thoughtful and unique young lady of God. Ruthie has always brought joy into my life and the life of our Family. She's very good at picking out the silver lining from a big, terrifying storm cloud. Ruthie is like a golden retriever, she just wants to be happy and everyone else to be happy and come out to play!
Keep growin', Ruthie! I love you!

"Shining From the Background"

"My Personal Smilie-Face"

"Classic: PYT"


"Ruthie's Eyes"