Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Room With A View


On my most recent trip to Naples I took 412 pictures... 307 of them were of this sunset. It was breathtaking. The Naples Pier is one of the most famous places to go see a sunset and I certainly hope that some of my pictures can convince you why. As I walked up the Pier, I saw a very old couple sitting on one of the benches. They were holding hands and looking out to the horizon. A few paces more and a woman wearing white and a man in dress clothes were leaning against the railing, watching the sun go down. A group of girl friends laughed and stuck out their tongues as they took pictures of themselves with the sunset being them. A mom held her baby daughter who was reaching out with chubby little hands towards the bright orange ball sinking into the blue blanket of water. Then the scene was totally lost 'cus I walked up on this guy who was gutting a really big fish. It smelled gross, not to mention the guts spilling everywhere. Poor Nemo... Anyway, there's something unexplainable about the mood a sunset brings. For me, it was primarily joy. I hope my spot in Heaven has a veiw like that.

"Steffi In The Sun"

"Tender Tide"

"Cotton Candy Sky"


"On The Pier"


"A Peephole"


Anna said...

What else can I say but breathtaking? These are incredible girl. Keep it up!

Katie W said...

Thank you! I have fun!