Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catherine the Beautiful

"Black and White Sunshine"

This is Catherine. One of my Christ-Sisters. She's got that kind of raw beauty that I find incredibly beautiful. Catherine is one of the most talented people I've met. She sings, she dances, she acts, she writes. Pretty cool. I love watching her perform because she does it so well. Maybe a little bit of a perfectionist, but hey, it pays off in a lot of situations.
I took these pictures last April. She had come over to my house so I could test out some make-up ideas for her prom. It was really fun 'cus Catherine hardly ever where's make-up so it was exciting to be playing with someone who had no expectations. When we went outside to take pictures, I couldn't get over how gorgeous she looked. I kept quoting A Knight's Tale, when Chaucer is introducing Will and the crowd goes wild for his words so he exclaims to himself, "Gah, I'm good!" Catherine found this particularly funny. So I'll give the glory of her beauty to the One who gave it to her.
I love you, Catherine.
And, yes, her eyes really are that colour.

"Gorgeously Green"

"A Gentle Lioness"

"A Gentle Lioness {Remix}"

"Standing in the Sun"

"Goldie Locks"


"Hello Beautiful"


Anna said...

I love the first and fourth photos. :) Good job!

Anna said...

Actually the REMIX on the fourth is the other one I like! :)

Katie W said...

yeah, the first is my favorite!