Friday, January 30, 2009

Taking Notes

"The Art of C.L.Moore."

Some people take really great, detailed notes. Some take short, abbreviated notes. Some people colour-coordinate their notes. Me, I doodle on them. Especially math notes because they are the most detestable, (next to science). I love to doodle. Most of the time I just have doodles in the margins or the top of the page...sometimes class is just exceedingly boring.
I love how monotonous these shots are. The only colour is the dirty, orange-ish pencil and even that is not very eye-catching. Hm, what a good analogy for school. Monotonous with an occasional orange-ish pencil that provides what little colour it can.
As you can tell, school isn't exactly on my favourite things to do list. I love to learn; I relish it. But the whole "sit down, shut up and think the way I tell you to" part of school is what turns me off of it. Oddly, I'll find myself doing late-night Google searches, desparete to know more than my shelteredly biased history book miserably fails to teach. The Glorious Revolution, William of Orange. The Irish Potatoe Famine. Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx. The Bronte Sisters, Jane Austin and Charles Dickens. I know, I know, I'm a dork. My elder sister has informed me of that several times.
So, all this to say, when in doubt: dOOdLe!

(I wish!)

"Nearest and Dearest"


Anna said...

This probably isn't going to encourage you but I am a doodler too. Us creative types! :)

Katie W said...

Doodlers of the world: UNITE!